Department of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH | Lund University


Research seminar

3 September kl 14:00 - 15:00

Forskningsseminarium med Michael Cimbritz. Seminariet hålls på svenska.

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Helena Svensson

26 August Erasmus student

Erasmus student

Miriam Stoll, from Technical University Munich, Germany, is a new Erasmus training student at the department from Sept 1. She will work on fermentation under the supervision of Sudha and she will be sharing office with Adnan at floor +1.  


Gunnar Lidén

21 August New Ph.D. student

We are pleased to welcome Omar Abdelaziz who started as a Ph.D. student this week. Omar has a masters in chemical engineering from Cairo university and was awarded "Outstanding performance in research among all Teaching Assistants and Assistant Lecturers in the University", as the Youngest researcher with the highest impact points in international publications just before arriving to Lund. Omar will be working with lignin depolymerisation within a project funded by the  Swedish Foundation for strategic research, more info is available at

Christian Hulteberg

Senaste publikationer

J. Tallaksen, F. Bauer, C. Hulteberg, M. Reese, S. Ahlgren:
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Journal of Cleaner Production, (Online 10 June 2015), 2015.
P. Tunå, H. Svensson, J. Brandin:
Modelling of a reverse-flow partial oxidation reactor for synthesis gas production from gasifier product gas
Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering, 15 593-604, 2015.
L. Malek, P. Tunå, C. Hulteberg:
Catalytic Abatement of NH3 Using NOx in Reducing Environment
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