Department of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH | Lund University



Friday Seminar

Inger Valeur will in English present a seminar Increasd biogas production with nutrient recovery from activated sludge.

Time: 14;30-15:00  Place: Library floor-1

Afterwards coffee/tea and cake. 

Birgitta Lindén



Physiotherapist Anne Link from "Företagshälsan" will present a  seminar about Ergonaomics in office and labb

Time: 14.30-15.00   Place: K:G.

Birgitta Lindén

Senaste publikationer

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International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 30 1-8, 2014.
N. Borg, Y. Brodsky, J. Moscariello, S. Vunnum, G. Vedantham, K. Westerberg, B. Nilsson:
Modeling and robust pooling design of a preparative cation-exchange chromatography step for purification of monoclonal antibody monomer from aggregates.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1359 170-181, 2014.
F. Nilsson, M. Hagman, A. Mielczarek, P. Nielsen, K. Jönsson:
Application of Ozone in Full-Scale to Reduce Filamentous Bulking Sludge at Oresundsverket WWTP
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