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Maria Piculell will in English present a seminar The optimized MBBR process - an evaluation of the function and design of the carrier in a suspended biofilm process (half-way seminar)

Time: 14.30- 1500   Place: Library at floor -1

Afterwards coffee/tea and cake.  

Birgitta Lindén


15th Nordic Filtration Symposium
September 9-10, 2014, Lund, Sweden
The 15th Nordic filtration Symposium focuses on news in membrane filtration and solid/liquid filtration, with emphasis on drinking water, wastewater treatment and separation processes in biorefineries. More information.

Ann-Sofi Jönsson

Senaste publikationer

G. Hey, S. Vega, J. Fick, M. Tysklind, A. Ledin, J. la Cour Jansen, H. Andersen:
Removal of pharmaceuticals in WWTP effluents by ozone and hydrogen peroxide
Water SA, 40(1) 165-173, 2014.