Department of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH | Lund University

Senaste publikationer

H. Kjerstadius, S. Haghighatafshar, Å. Davidsson:
Potential for nutrient recovery and biogas production from blackwater, food waste and greywater in urban source control systems.
Environmental technology, (Online 22 January 2015), 2015.
K. Johansson, S. Frederiksen, M. Degerman, M. Breil, J. Mollerup, B. Nilsson:
Combined effects of potassium chloride and ethanol as mobile phase modulators on hydrophobic interaction and reversed-phase chromatography of three insulin variants
Journal of Chromatography A, 1381 64-73, 2015.
C. Carrasco, D. Cuno, K. Carlqvist, M. Galbe, G. Lidén:
SO2-catalysed steam pretreatment of quinoa stalks
Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 90(1) 64-71, 2015.