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Hans Karlsson

Hans T. Karlsson has been a full professor of chemical engineering at Lund University since 1990. He has more than 35 years of academic and industrial experience of environmental engineering and a major focus of his activities have concerned pollution control in connection with the utility industry. He has lead the development of process concepts which today have been recognized as common practice for air pollution control. Present research is focused on syngas production from biomass and carbon capture.

His industrial experience in Sweden and the USA includes the responsibility for test and development programs on full-scale equipment as well as assessment studies of such equipment, participation in several national committees, and supervision of numerous research programs. Besides his formal industrial employment he has also been acting as a consultant and speaking partner for numerous enterprises in Sweden and abroad in connection with pollution control, plant and equipment design, and market analysis.

Besides his formal positions he has had a variety of national and international assignments. In 1981 he was appointed scientific editor of the Swedish Chemical Journal, aposition he held for five years. He was the Swedish representative of the Executive Committee of the IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme during the 90's. He has been involved in the intensive exchange program between Lund University and Chinese universities including the signing of new agreements. He has an assignment of the Government as a technical expert at the lower and mid courts in Stockholm (Stockholms Tingsrätt and Svea Hovrätt).

He is the co-author of over 100 papers. Of these, about 25 were contributions to scientific conferences, and over 10 were invited oral presentations at international conferences. This includes an invitation as a special guest, and presentation of several plenary and background papers.

He has been a tutor/advisor of about 200 MSc theses and some 20 higher theses. Over the past thirty years he has lectured and participated in about 10 undergraduate and several graduate courses. The work with teaching has necessitated the development of several completely new courses, comprehensive modifications of existing courses as well as the writing of several text books. Presently, he is teaching on loss prevention, and process and plant design.


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Hans Karlsson


Hans Karlsson

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