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Åsa Davidsson

Dr Åsa Davidsson is employed as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Lund University, working in the Water and Environmental group. She has more than 15 years’ experience in the biogas field. She has worked with different research projects concerning waste or wastewater treatment, with main focus on biogas production through anaerobic treatment. She has a lot of experimental experience from operation of lab-scale and pilot-scale facilities for anaerobic digestion. A large part of the research is done in collaboration with the industry, e.g. municipal water and waste companies, suppliers, consultants or research associations. An important research field is sludge treatment, where her activities have involved improved sludge digestion and pre-treatment to produce more biogas, but also to improve the sludge quality by removal of pathogens and micropollutants. Another urban waste of interest for biogas production is food waste, which has been studied in several research projects both concerning anaerobic digestion processes (including co-digestion) and how to sort it out and pre-treat it before the digestion process. Other substrates that have been studied are e.g. marine substrates (mussels and algae), industrial wastewater and straw. Recent years have involved several projects on “new” sustainable systems in the city infrastructure to ensure re-use of nutrients and energy from waste streams, e.g. evaluation of tank-connected kitchen grinders and sewage sorting systems. Åsa is also involved in research on energy efficient wastewater treatment processes, aiming at re-use of nutrients and energy.

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Åsa Davidsson


Åsa Davidsson
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